Welcome to the home of TedDanzig! The longest running, highest rated novelty ID vendor on the Darknet.

About Us

We began selling on the internet way back in 2012. For ID vendors, that's a really long time :) If you dig deep enough (there is a dump of the BMR vendor stats) you can find confirmation of our longevity and high ratings from customers.

This Website

After dealing with marketplaces going under (Silk Road, BlackMarket Reloaded, SR2, etc) we decided to sell directly to our customers via this website AND THIS WEBSITE ONLY!

The FAQ should answer any and all questions you have regarding our products. Please look it over very carefully before sending us a message.

Why Buy From Us?

We have one of the best reputations among any ID vendor you will find. Check around on reddit.com/r/fakeid to see for yourself. But basically:

Notice how "low prices" did not make the list. Not an oversight ;)

To gauge what others think, take a look at the reviews on reddit.com/r/fakeid.

Please take the time to look over this website carefully before ordering. It has all the information you could possibly want regarding our product. And always remember...


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